How to Clean the Screens of Your Windows

window screen

Dirt and dust sitting on the window screen can lead to poor quality of air. Regular and proper cleaning of the window screen is what all you can do to ensure a healthy flow of fresh air inside your house. You can either chose to shallow clean it with a rag daily or thoroughly wash it with water and soap. Daily cleanup is certainly not possible for all. So, here we are with tips to deep clean the window screens.

1. Remove and Vacuum Screens: For thorough cleaning, remove the window screens and vacuum it to remove any pollen, dust, and web sitting on it. Do it on both sides of the screen.

2. Wash with Soap Water: Make liquid cleaner by adding ¼ cup of detergent in ½ gallon of water. Lift the screen to an upright position and start washing it with the solution starting from the top leading to the bottom. Use a sponge or cloth to wipe the dirt as you remove the screen.

3. Rinse: After cleaning the screen with a liquid cleaner, rinse it with plain water. Rinse it immediately to prevent soapy water from settling on the screen and blocking the screen with dirt. You can clean the screen in the garden area or even put it under the shower in the bathroom for a thorough cleaning.

4. Dry and Reinstall: Let the screen dry in the sun before reinstalling the screen. Once dry, you will be able to look through the screen. Maintain the cleanliness of the screen by vacuuming it regularly. 

Regular cleaning, of course, allows fresh and good quality airflow inside the house. But it also makes the screens last longer and it is a great way to enhance your windows beauty. Clean your screens at the onset and offset of every season, and you will be surprised to see how transparent they can be.