How to Keep Home Windows Secure

home windows security

The windows of the house may serve as a secret door to the burglar if they are not adequately secured. Leaving for a holiday, you may need to crosscheck the windows of the house and leave the property at the mercy of wrongdoers. 

Many burglars would enter homes through windows simply because it is the easiest way to do it. We’ve seen so many news items about thieves getting into homes and it gets even worse when your family is at home and would get into danger when a criminal enters your house. Just take a look of these variety of ways that burglars enter homes and how you can stop them. 

Below are some quick suggestions on how you can keep your windows at home secure. 

1. Lock them up before you leave: Leaving for office or an extended holiday makes sure to lock up the windows.

2. Install Window security bars and grills: If the windows of your house are only glass protected, there are high chances of burglars enter the house by breaking the glass of the windows. Installing security bars and grills can prevent them from doing so. You can also have smash-proof as well as security screen and glass protection film installed for added security.

3. Security Cameras: Installing security cameras with smart devices can let you know the latest happenings around the window. The intelligent security cameras update the owner by pinging them on their smartphone. The technology is quite popular among smart homes, and many families have also updated their property with it.

4. Thorny Bushes around the Window: Planting thorny bushes can discourage anyone from coming near the windows of the house.

5. Have a pet dog: Burglars can be scared away from barking dogs. If you don’t have a dog, it is the right to pet a dog and train him to keep outsiders away from the property.

6. Set up bright floodlight: Never leave the garden area of the house in the dark. Installing bright floodlight can help you, and your neighbors know if any wrongdoers are trying to trespass the property.

7. Ask Neighbors to Keep a Watch: If you have suspected any mischievous activity let the neighbors know about it. You can request the neighbors to keep an eye on the property when you are away.

While it is just as important to learn how to choose windows for your home such as with a complete guide to energy efficient windows, it would also be a great idea when you know how to keep your home windows secure.