Sun Tunnels for Energy Efficiency

sun tunnels

We all know that one way to get natural sunlight into a home is by keeping the windows open. Curtains should be made with light fabric if you also want some privacy but would still like the sunshine to come in. Another way to do this is through sun tunnels for energy efficiency.

A sun tunnel, sometimes also called the tubular skylight, is simply described as a window that is located on the roof of your home. Since a hole has to be opened on your roof area, this means that you can’t simply do this on your own. While there are so many instructions you will find online that says sun tunnels are easy to install, we tell you right now that you must not easily believe it. It is not as simple as following a step-by-step guide. If you insist, you might find yourself with a very expensive or even irreversible roof damage.

Furthermore, since a hole is placed on your roof, the sun tunnel structure must fit perfectly to the hole. Otherwise, you might have some water and air leakage problems.

Other than this, sun tunnels are very good to have in any home. Especially in areas where you cannot get natural sunlight easily such as closet spaces, a sun tunnel would be a great addition. Since it is a tubular skylight, a reflective material may be used to strategically let the sunlight travel into that tube to reach your desired area from the actual hole in the roof. While some people like blackout curtains for windows so they can have the darkness they need when sleeping in broad daylight, others need a lot of light in many areas across their home. While light bulbs will easily solve the problem, that can be inefficient when it comes to energy so it’s great to know that sun tunnels would be a nice solution.