Washing Dirty Windows: A 10-Step Guide

washing dirty windows

Windows help bring natural light into the house. Sitting beside a window also allows you to enjoy the beautiful view outdoors. Even better, windows offer a form of ventilation into your home so you can also get some fresh air when you leave them open. Washing dirty windows is necessary to make sure that you can maximize the benefits of having windows and to ensure that your windows remain beautiful all the time. 

Are your windows at home dirty already? Here’s a simple 10-step guide in washing dirty windows that can help out!

Step 1: As the thumb rule of windows cleaning, apply rags on the floor and the window sill to prevent floor and wall from getting wet.

Step 2: Spray glass cleaner on a piece of cloth or lint-free rag that you would like to use for cleaning the window.

Step 3: If the windows are filthy, add vinegar to warm water. We will use this solution later.

Step 4:  Pick the rag and gently wipe the window in horizontal strokes to prevent dripping. Use the solution if you find the windows too dirty.

Step 5: Start with a rubber strip of the window. Now, grab the squeegee, press it downwards, starting from a dry spot.

Step 6: Wipe the squeegee on the rag to keep it dry throughout the use.

Step 7: Dry the window glass with a piece of old newspaper. This will add shine to the glass.

Step 8: Clean the window frames and sills with a small brush. You can vacuum it as well to prevent dirt from sticking to the glass.

Step 9: Dip the rag cloth in the solution (warm water and vinegar) and gently rub along the sill to remove spots and smudges.

Step 10: The exterior window glass should be cleaned by spraying water on it and drying it off with a piece of old newspaper.

Cleaning windows so that they’re clear and can welcome natural light easily make them energy-efficient windows as well. A newspaper or any waste paper makes it a perfect glass cleaner. Wipe windows regularly to keep them clean. Windows tend to get exceptionally dirty when it is windy outside. Gently wipe off the foul from the windows with a rag.